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Founded in 2017 by alumni of IIM Ahmedabad and the London School of Economics,
Greenday Kisan Ki Dukan is a technology-enabled platform that solves multiple needs of farmers and instantly boosts their income.

Here’s how Greenday helps the farmers

Productivity & Sustainability

Boost farm productivity and sustainability by bringing world class technology such as specialty seeds and fertilizers to the farmers

DE Commoditising

Decommoditizing the farmer’s produce by helping farmers produce value-added commodities

Increases Farmer’s profitability

Increases Farmer’s profitability by measuring the quality of farmer’s produce (physical parameters and nutrient profile) and connecting them to a network of buyers (who are willing to pay a good price for quality produce) through its online portal and custom procurement centers Greenday’s Operating Model In order to disburse the above products and services to farmers, we have developed a unique hybrid model having the perfect mix of online and offline presence to deploy technology in rural areas. Greenday develops regional service stations – a brick and mortar Agri input disbursement center, a custom hiring center as well as a procurement center while also having the online tools to benefit farmers – for online purchase of Agri inputs and sale of farmers’ produce to buyers. We believe this unique hybrid model is the need of the hour for farmers in India.
To summarise, how our innovative model helps the farmers we answer four basic questions

Basic Commodities – Wheat, Rice, Maize, Pulses where the Focus is on volume of production

High Protein Grain with export potential and high demand in Indian flour milling industry, Organic & Pesticide Free Grain, Biofortified Grain having a higher concentration of iron and Zinc, Exotic Grains such as Black and Purple Wheat where the focus is on quality of produce

Mandi – where the market rates are fixed and there is no premium for quality of grain

Sell to Greenday Procurement Centers and get access to network of buyers through the Greenday Marketplace. Get Quality Assessment Report and sell quality produce at a premium

Greenday's Vision

Greenday Farmer Solutions Pvt Ltd’s Vision and Mission is to serve the farming community by improving the economics of their farming business. Further Greenday will build an ecosystem so that farmers can shift towards sustainable farming and contribute towards a sustainable planet.

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