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India’s only Agri Startup working on Decommoditising Farm Produce – Helping small holder farmers move away from producing commodities and selling at market prices to producing value added farm produce and selling at premium prices to premium buyers
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World Class technology such as specialty seeds and fertilizers to boost farm productivity and sustainability
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Network of Phygital stores in villages of North India which meet last mile services (sale, purchase and logistics) for agri inputs and output for 1 lakh+ farmers
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Online Platform which connects farmers of buyers interested in buying quality grains
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1. Collaborated with Indian Agriculture Research Institute, Pusa for climate-resilient and high protein wheat variety HD 3226
2. Collaborated with BISA, Ludhiana & CIMMYT Mexico for the development of high yielding, high nutrient wheat varieties in our research farm located in Khairabad, Sitapur
3. Production of bio-fortified wheat varieties WB-2 and DBW 187 having considerably higher iron and zinc content compared to locally popular wheat varieties
4. Production of 100% Pesticides free or 100% certified organic grain varieties having high nutritional value
5. Production of Black and Purple Wheat which are rich in antioxidants and good for health
6. Crop Varieties of other crops such as Maize, Millets- grown for specific desired characteristics – Nutritional profiles, Resistance to major stress, diseases, and pests

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