SRS, A brand curated by the founder of Greenday.
Greenday brings cutting-edge technology to the farmer and has collaborated with leading research organizations like CIMMYT, Indian Agricultural Research Institute (IARI), Borlaug Institute of South Asia for technology licensing of High Protein, High Yielding varieties.


Following private label brands have been curated by Greenday for the purpose of selling at Greenday Kisan Ki Dukan Retails centers to farmers and buyback & trading of output farm produce to our various B2B buyers!


black maxxtard

yellow maxxtard


ssg - maxx 5000


Spanning 50,000 sq. ft this farm hosts leading seed varieties from across the world:

  • These varieties are tested in the natural environment and best performing varieties are selected every year for multiplication
    Greenday tests over 70 Wheat, 20 Paddy Seed Varieties Every Year.
  • Our Flagship brand Wheatmaxx is based on technology received from CIMMYT, Mexico

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