The Future of Agriculture


What Farmer Grow Right Now?

  • Basic Commodities – Wheat, Rice, Maize, Pulses
  • Focus is on volume of production

What Can Farmers Grow With Greenday?

  • High Protein Grain with export potential and high demand in Indian flour milling industry
  • Organic & Pesticide Free Grain
  • Biofortified Grain having a higher concentration of iron and Zinc
  • Exotic Grains such as Black and Purple Wheat
  • Focus is on quality of produce

How Farmers Sell Right Now?

  • Mandi – where the market rates are fixed and there is no premium for quality of grain
  • Farmer has no bargaining power as he has no other choice

How Farmers Will Sell Through Greenday?

  • Connect to a network of buyers through the Greenday Marketplace Mobile App
  • Upload Quality Assessment Report and sell quality produce at a premium
  • Farmer has choice and bargaining power