The Challenge

In India, millions suffer silently from nutrient deficiencies. The repercussions? A generation with stunted growth,
diminished cognitive abilities, and increased susceptibility to diseases. In an era where nutrition often feels like a luxury, Better Nutrition rises as a beacon of change. Our commitment is clear - transforming everyday meals into nutrient powerhouses because nutrition should be a right, not a privilege.

Nutrition deficiency is a serious problem in India
India ranks 94 out of 107 countries on the Global Hunger Index 2020

Biofortification: Nature's Revolutionary Boost to Crops

In the world of agriculture, there's a transformative method that's elevating the nutritional game: Biofortification. At its core, biofortification is a natural process, but it's anything but ordinary. It's about enhancing crops' nutritional value right from the seed stage, making them powerhouses of essential vitamins and minerals.

This means you're getting nature's best, unaltered.The outcome of biofortification is clear: crops are packed with essential micronutrients like Iron, Zinc, Vitamin A, Vitamin D, etc, facilitating holistic human growth and development.

Introducing Better Nutrition

Our 'Better Nutrition' initiative is more than just an endeavour, it's our commitment to make Nutrition Affordable and Accessible for one and all. Each grain, each seed, and each product we offer is a promise, ensuring that every meal goes beyond just satisfying hunger – it nourishes from within.

Our approach is holistic: we empower farmers with biofortified seeds, eco-friendly pesticides, and expert guidance, ensuring food that truly fortifies India.

Biofortified Product Range

Join us in this nutritional journey, ensuring every meal is more than just a meal – it's
Better Nutrition

Biofortification is a progressive step toward National Nutrition Security as our Honorable Prime Minister dedicates 17 biofortified varieties of 8 crops to the nation.