At Greenday, our purpose is to increase the nutrient quotient of crops so that people can consume essential vitamins and minerals through their daily staple meals! And we do this by shifting the agriculture focus from producing quantity-based output to quality-based output.

We are relentlessly working to educate, empower, encourage, and incentivize farmers to grow nutrient-dense varieties of crops. These biofortified crop varieties are packed with essential micronutrients like Iron, Zinc, Vitamin A, Vitamin D, etc, facilitating holistic human growth and development. The farmers are incentivized with a premium price for their extra efforts in growing nutrient-dense varieties of crops.


While we are working to make our nation healthier, we are committed to doing it sustainably! All Greenday Agri-input products are consciously created keeping the nature in mind, they have low carbon footprints, and minimally impact on ground water table.

Greenday ‘Kisan ki Dukan’ is not only building a business; we have devoted ourselves to the cause of nutrition equality for all!

Greenday ‘Kisan ki Dukan’

Products that our farmers Produce

Our farmers produce high-quality, nutrient-rich seeds and grains. Buyers can connect with Greenday for custom orders for grains produced with desired characteristics - chemical-free, organic, low greenhouse emission and low carbon footprint, low impact on ground water table.

Examples of Innovative Products that you can buy from Greenday

High Protein Wheat

High Protein Wheat (Excellent for Bread, Bakery Application)

High Zinc, High Protein Wheat

High Zinc, High Iron Wheat (Naturally Fortifying and Immunity Boosting)

Nutrient Rich Maize

  Nutrient Rich Maize and Millets

 Climate-resilient wheat and paddy seeds

Climate-resilient wheat and paddy seeds (Helping Farmers win against climate stress)

 Fruits and Vegetables

   Fruits and Vegetables like pomegranate, cauliflower, potato enriched with Vitamins, Anthocyanin, Protein, Iron, Zinc & Calcium

Customized Offerings

We collaborate with businesses in Agri-input, Grain exporters, E-commerce, Grain mills, and others to sell the value-added commodities that we buy back from farmers. If you are in the agriculture business and are interested in buying premium produce, please fill up the form below :