Why the Agri-Input Retail Store is crucial and where do the conventional Agri-Input Retail Stores lack?

The agri-input retail store is the critical entity that determines farmers’ choices of agriculture inputs and practices. These stores are key influencers to what will go into the farmer’s field and ultimately reach your plate! They are the primary information providers for farmers on all their agri-related queries.

Due to lack of incentives, knowledge and awareness towords the latest scientific advancements, seed development, and innovative farming practices, store owners are still encouraging farmers to work on high-yielding farming instead of high-quality farming outputs.

How is Greenday Revolutionizing agri-input retail stores?

Greenday is working to transform the agri-input retail store, which is a powerful entity, into a purposeful entity.

These stores act as an epicenter to positively influence farmers’ thought processes to focus on growing high-quality agriculture commodities and earn a premium price for this additional effort. The store owners are educationally and technically qualified to understand the farmer’s needs and provide accurate information.


Greenday stores are operated solely to benefit the farmers. They are provided with high-quality, biofortified seeds, chemical-free, microbes-rich fertilizers and pesticides, accurate guidance from our agriculture experts, and much more!

The purpose is to showcase the benefit of shifting focus from yield-based farming to value-based farming practices, which is beneficial for the farmer, sustainable for the environment, and nutritious for the end consumer.

Benefits of Greenday Franchise


    Zero Startup Cost


Zero Business Compliance


All Inclusive Greenday App


Multiple Revenue Streams


   Marketing Support


Regular Training Sessions

Free Product Delivery to the Store

One time Investment, Recurring Profits


Assured Commission on all Product Sale

Greenday Kisan ki Dukan

Greenday Franchise Benefits

Learn how Greenday - Kisan ki Dukan is a holistic franchise store that helps young agriculture graduates to be self-reliant and maximize their profits.

What do our franchise partners have to say about Greenday?

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