Greenday is committed to the growth and self-reliance of the farmers! We are constantly working to break archaic agricultural practices, make agriculture quality-focused & more profitable for the farmers, and enhance the soil fertility for long-term sustainable agriculture output. Greenday - Kisan ki Dukan was created to help farmers derive better outcomes from their farming efforts. Better quality and nutrient-rich agriculture produce, better farming practices and better profits!

Why Should Farmers choose Greenday - Kisan ki Dukan over other Retailers?

Greenday is committed to helping farmers enhance their farming income and provide premium quality nutrition - rich food for the nation! To begin with, Greenday store owners are agriculture graduates who understand farming way better than conventional retail business owners. Additionally, they are well-trained by Greenday to provide unbiased and accurate advice to the farmers.

Greenday is constantly investing in R&D to produce high-quality, biofortified seeds for nutrient enriched output and chemical-free fertilizers and pesticides to protect the crops. Good quality agri-input is backed by soil testing and scientific agriculture practices to grow better quality agri-output and increase net-farming income. Greenday agriculture experts are available 24x7 to help farmers with all their queries.

To operate an effective closed-loop mechanism, Greenday buy-backs the premium agriculture output through the Greenday stores and pays the premium price to farmers’ basis the quality of the produce. This is done to ensure that farmers reap the maximum benefit for the value-added crops they have grown and they do not have to hassle through the task of finding the right buyers.

Services offered to the Farmers

Increase Farm Productivity with Soil Testing

Soil health has a direct impact on agricultural produce. With constant exposure to harsh chemical-based pesticides and fertilizers, the fertility of the soil decreases. With Greenday’s exclusive soil testing service, you can get a detailed analysis of all 16 micro and macro nutrient components of the soil. Once the soil testing is done, Greenday agriculture experts provide accurate solutions to all soil-related issues.

Greenday Kisan Power Club Membership

Greenday Kisan Power Club membership is a unique offering that provides multiple benefits to the farmers at a nominal fee, empowering them with value-added services that help them derive the maximum benefits from their agriculture practices.


Kisan Power Club Platinum Card

  •  Yearly membership fees Rs. 1000/-
  •  Free accidental and health insurance
  •  Two soil testing free per year
  •  Guaranteed cash back every month
  •  Discount on all purchases
  •  Free product delivery

Kisan Power Club Gold Card

  •  Yearly membership fees: Rs. 500/-
  •  One soil testing free per year
  •  Guaranteed cash back every month
  •  Discount on all purchases
  •  Free product delivery

Agriculture Output buy-back

Greenday encourages, educates, and equips farmers with quality Agri input products and expert advice to produce high-quality premium crops and incentives them with a higher price for putting in this extra effort.

To ensure farmers receive the best price for their produce, Greenday offers to buy back the output after a thorough series of quality analyses. We work in collaboration with FMCG brands, mill owners, government entities, etc to create a supply chain of forwarding the benefits reaped from good quality agricultural produce.

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Additional Offerings to Farmers

Nutrition Rich - Biofortified Seeds

Agri Experts Advisory

Microbes Rich - Chemical Free Fertilizers


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Call Center Support

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