Food Security and Nutrition

Indians are on the brink of a generational health crisis. Our children are severely malnourished and over 80% of the population lacks the required micronutrients in the body. Unfortunately, the ongoing agricultural practices are archaic and are not designed to enhance human health, they only focus on increasing yield and quick profits. With the kind of exponential progress India dreams of, these reports uncover some hard, counter realities that need to be addressed with great urgency.

Malnutrition is a serious public health problem in India

At Greenday, we have committed ourselves to address this ‘hidden hunger’ and ensuring that every meal plate in India is filled with nutrient-rich food and we will progress towards this goal with the help of our farmer community and franchisee partners who are aligned with this vision. We provide farmers with a biofortified variety of seeds as farm inputs, microbes-rich and chemical-free pesticides and fertilizers, and accurate guidance to grow food that strengthens India from within.

What is Biofortification?

Biofortification increases the nutritional quality of the crops. This can be achieved through agronomic practices, conventional breeding, or different biotechnology-based approaches.

Biofortification differs from ordinary fortification because it focuses on making plant foods more nutritious as the plants are in the growth stage, rather than having nutrients added to the foods when they are being processed.

Biofortification is a progressive step toward National Nutrition Security as our Honorable Prime Minister dedicates 17 biofortified varieties of 8 crops to the nation.

Biofortified Product Range

Greenday collaborates with agriculture experts and researchers of National and International repute to produce biofortified varieties of seeds and crops that farmers can use as agri-inputs and produce nutrition-rich crops.